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Author Visits to Primary Schools on Vikings

Fact or fiction for the National Curriculum

'The children really enjoyed the visit. It was great fun and the classes are busy reading 'Vimp the Viking's Epic Voyage.'

St Joseph's RC Primary School, Epsom

'Some of the boys said it was brilliant. The ones I didn't expect!'

Marion Drake, Headteacher, Mottingham Primary School, London Borough Bromley

Book Review, Colin Cook, aged 11, Ticehurst C of E Primary School:

'This book is about Viking runaways who steal a funeral ship and sail to Saxon Britain. They have many adventures on the way. When they reach England they are treated as hostiles until they scare away (new) Viking invaders with music. I really liked this book because it combines 'real' people with myths and legends of the Vikings. This book is for people of my age group and the plot and words are easy to understand. Another thing I liked about this book is when Freya, the main character, fades away to become a goddess because it explains how she had powers. This is a good book for both boys and girls because some of the main characters are girls. This is a really good book.'

Experienced in both Secondary and Primary teaching, the author is happy to visit your class, or school, to present Vimp, Freya and their friends to the children. 

The Presentation, based on a slide show of the art originals and readings and writing ideas, also includes spontaneous drama.

Viking History - the saga of nearly 300 years of raids on our islands, including the destruction of monasteries - serves as the back-drop to the fictional tale of the young adventurers.

Viking Geography can be served up, too.  Eat your heart out, Columbus! The Vikings reached America before you, taking in The Faroes, Iceland and Greenland on the way.

Of special interest may be the process of writing the 40000 sequel, Freya and the Fenris-Wolf, published 2010. Likewise, the current writing of the final novel of the Trilogy, The Mermaid's Cage (planned for 2011.)


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