Vimp the Viking

ISBN: 978-1-4251-4253-7

Vikings books for Primary Schools        

Desperate to escape the next raid on Saxon England, Viking youngster Vimp flees to the forest where he discovers highborn Freya, possessor of extraordinary gifts. Vimp immediately falls under her charms.

Freya’s friend is a captured Saxon slave girl about to be sacrificed. The village boys and girls join forces to rescue her, commandeering a longboat and setting out on a hazardous voyage. The crew fail to seek permission to journey from Sea God, Aegir, who rages at their insolence and threatens to crush the slender craft in his massive fist.

Menacing pirates attack before Freya summons the awesome Iormungandr, Serpent of the World. The bullies plunge to watery graves.

Aided through sea fog by friendly dolphins, the youngsters find land but the adventure is far from over. Emma and her friends, ambushed by a Saxon patrol, are taken captive.


'the first novel in a rollicking Viking Trilogy...with rich and compelling drawings by Steve Crisp...adventure with heroic kid appeal.' blueink REVUE 2012

'at the heart of this epic voyage is an exciting story about bravery and the many forms it can take, including the choice not to fight...a strong start to what looks like a good series.' ForeWord Reviews 2012

See 'Freya' button (above) for 2010 sequel Freya and the Fenris-Wolf.

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