Is Vimp a wimp?

Who is Vimp?
Brave and bold, Vimp is not a wimp. That's just what his foolish parents say about him. Why? Because they think fighting and stealing are acceptable. All young Vimp wants to do is learn how to build fine boats with his fellow apprentice shipwrights.
No-one ever gets the better of Vimp...except Freya.

Who is Freya?
Very special...a Chieftain's daughter...and much more. Does she really possess mystical powers? And can she charm wild creatures in the forest? In emergency, Freya can even get angry Viking Gods on her side. But she sees red when village elders decide to slay her best friend as a sacrifice to the Gods.   Freya hatches up an escape plan. Nothing frightens her. One day, Freya may become a G......?

How large is Eric's nose?
It must be fairly large as his friends call him Eric Big Nose. Yes... he's a bit bossy and likes his own way. And he doesn't seem to like girls...well, not at first, anyhow. But Eric is as brave as an ox. It's Eric who steers the stolen longboat through violent storms, across the sea. No wonder Astrid falls in love with him.

Is Olaf Skullcrusher the most stupid Viking of all time?
Possibly yes. The big bully who trains young Vikings to fight can't count to 3.  Maybe his brain has been damaged by wearing a helmet two sizes too small for him. Olaf is a no brainer!

Is Eggbreath the Unpleasant truly unpleasant?
Well, he's not what you would call 'pleasant'. Like he enjoys a good supper of toad stew with floating amphibian eyeballs. It's his breath that's so revolting. Its foul stench can be detected across the bay every time he opens his mouth. Vimp, his eldest son, is so ashamed of him.

Did Vikings write poetry?
Yes, in a way, they did. Like the amazing legends of the activities of the Gods and Goddesses. But Vimp's friend, Lief, is a true poet. He sits on the outside lavatory by his parents' hut, for hours, and gets really good ideas. When he's not doing that, he's helping Vimp and Freya plan their big escape.

Who's afraid of the big, bad monster?
Well, you would be for a start.
Iormungandr Serpent of the World, is not be messed with especially when your ship is half way across the sea and you'd like to reach the other side. Whatever you do, keep your head out of his clouds of violet-coloured, poisonous breath. One gulp and you're done for.

What would you do if you got lost in a fog at sea?
Call up the nearest troup of dolphins and follow their course. That's what Vimp and Freya did. The dolphins owed them a favour and were very happy to co-operate.

If you belonged to a young Viking crew and escaped from your village where would you go?
Well, not to Saxon England where they hate Vikings.   No?
That's what Vimp, Freya, Eric and Co. did.   Was it wise?   Will they receive a warm welcome?
Read Vimp the Viking’s Epic Voyage… and find out!

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