Viking Musical

'The Vikings' Song - a quest for Freedom' by Michael Fields and Peter Ward

The Vikings' Song - A Quest for Freedom

(More details to follow as music and pictures come in for up-dates.)

Music and lyrics by Michael Fields, international Early Music specialist, adapted from Peter Ward's first book in the Trilogy, 

The full scale stage version was premiered at the Jorvik (York) Annual Vikings Festival, Sat 11 and Sun 12 Feb 2012; Joseph Rowntree Theatre.  It is unique in that early instruments such as gemshorns, lyre, small pan pipes and a Scandinavian kantelle play significant roles. The music is eclectic. Whilst there are lyrical opportunities for male and female solos and combinations, inevitably, the 'baddy' Vikings crash in with Heavy Rock! International tenor Julian Podger sang Viking pirate Foulbeard Brute of the Waves.

Staging included projection of book illustrator Steve Crisp's outstanding full colour images. 

Clips of early rehearsals will appear on youTube in the near future.

By the end of the year, full details of adapted schools' versions will be available so that interested Secondary Schools, Prep, Primary Schools and Youth Theatre groups can request information about putting on their own performances.

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