Freya and the Fenris-Wolf

ISBN 978-1-4269-2510-8

Freya and the Fenris-Wolf

First, Vimp the Viking's Epic Journey. Now, Freya and the Fenris-Wolf, the central book of the completed Trilogy. Freya is Vimp's great friend but possesses powers she hardly understands. Now it's time for her punishment by the Gods. Having over-stepped the mark, Freya is called to answer in Asgard, the Viking Gods' hallowed place. 

Trickster God, Loki, has his own designs on Freya. First, she must look after his banished son, the monstrous Fenris-Wolf . And if she survives the ordeal, Loki sees her as his next bride. The young Viking girl is desperately in need of rescue but how will Vimp and Co. find her?


Is Freya human or bird? So who is the small, white gull that flies from the Northumbrian coast and returns to Viking land? Attacked by hostile gulls, the frail bird is rescued by two great sea eagles. She is instructed to follow them to celestial Asgard. The eagles are the gull's only hope but she has no idea of the dangers facing her at the Court of Odin.  

Vimp, poet Lief and brave Eric set out on Freya's deliverance. They haven't allowed for Ingrid stowed away on the tiny, tow boat pulled behind their ocean-going craft. It's Ingrid who treats a wounded wolf, trapped by hunters, in the forest. Bravest of wolves, Agnar and his two brothers aid the desperate mission. Meanwhile, on the Saxon beach, the remaining Vikings set up a welcome beacon to guide the sea wanderers home.

The adventure story explores astonishing Viking myths and legends. But the raid on Lindisfarne Abbey, late in the eigth century, is no fable. It provides a neat piece of real history for young readers. Poet Lief announces his intention to train as a Benedictine and takes his novice robes. Under kindly tuition, he slowly learns the skills of the scribes and illustrators.

The whole world of the quiet retreat is shattered by the infamous Viking raid. Many monks are slain or taken into slavery whilst Lief is lucky to escape with his life. He also rescues the Lindisfarne Gospels! (Poetic licence, of course.) But the great treasure, now in the British Library, really did survive the raid despite its jewelled cover being torn away!


'The action-packed plot works well to move the story forward...familiarity with Norse mythology or Saxon culture is unnecessary, due to Ward's gift for lively expression.' Kirkus Reviews 2012

Characters are well-developed, and settings are described with visual flair...readers who have come this far will want to read the final volume to see how things end.' ForeWord Reviews 2012

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